Small Talk in India

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

First of all just smile. If you’re greeting somebody you might say, “namaste,” and that would that would go very well in the community. It would be also recommended to not touch the other person but to have two or three feet in between you to just show a sign of respect for the other person that's standing in front of you. And, I think, in terms of talking and conversation topics, I would stay away from politics and I would stay away from asking about how female family members are from the opposite side, simply because that is a personal issue and if you're there on a on a business or a very professional setting. Of course, in the United States, inquiring about a family would be something that's a common practice, but I would say just keeping the conversation to small talk would be respectful. 

An Indian national discusses first greetings and small talk.