Small Talk Topics in the Dominican Republic

Video Transcript

Well I think when you're talking with a Dominican, a great topic is baseball, and really any kind of sports. Their movement in international basketball, volleyball. Things a lot of people don't understand, they take great pride in that. Obviously the number of Dominicans playing in the major leagues is a source of pride. You have your Sammy Sosa, you have your Raul Mondesi, you have Pedro Martínez. So they're obviously baseball fanatics. So any type of sports, I think talking about the country in general. A lot of people don't realize that even though it's an island you have a desert there, you have 10,000 foot mountains, you have crystal clear waters on the Caribbean beaches. You have really everything on that one tiny half of the island of Hispaniola.

What the Dominicans really don't wanna talk about is Haiti and the racism, 'cause there's a lot of racism in the Dominican Republic. Surprising because, my guess would be 75% of the population in the Dominican Republic has some African blood in them. And they'll look at the Haitians though, and they're completely different, they refuse to acknowledge that there may be some connection. So talking about their attitude toward Haiti is probably not a starter.

In this video, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel and former defense attaché to the Dominican Republic explains small talk in that country.