Social Class in Sudan


“Actually now [that] Sudan [is] divided, it’s like between two layers. The powerful people who are rich, and maybe they [have money] because they [are] doing [a] good job, but because they are in power, because they are very close to the government, they can find a way to get money, not because they are educated people, not because they have it as a heritage from their parents or something like that. But because they are maybe good politicians, they know how to get things from the people because they are [inside] the government. So this is the way the people [are] getting their stuff there. Even though if you are not on the side of the government, sometimes if you need something, you have to say yes to somebody, ‘I’m on your side, so make these things for me.’ People now, they are like, they can’t find anything to do to get money. So they drop down from the middle class to be more poor. The other side who have power because they are on the government side, they get the money. They build beautiful, nice houses, they own nice cars. But the others, they can’t.”

In this video, a native Sudanese discusses social class in Sudan.