Social Structure in Nepal

Video Transcript

(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

The income levels and educational levels and the overall social status of Dalits, or untouchables as they're sometimes known, does remain much lower in Nepal. Many are bound to the land by absentee landlords or they work in jobs such as washers, laborers, leather workers, that are considered generally undesirable. It's important to mention that caste was officially outlawed in Nepal in the 60s but the effects of caste continued to persist as a practical matter. Discrimination against Dalits is, of course, illegal but I can imagine situations where because of their generally lower economic circumstances, the Dalit community might be disproportionately, adversely affected by any natural disaster and it's important that the needs of those communities be recognized and that the appropriate relief measures be taken to ensure that they are not disproportionately victimized. 

A service member discusses caste and social class in Nepal.