Social Visits in Ukraine

Video Transcript

I highly recommend that if you are invited to join the activity, that you join. And this turns out to be great relationship building time and also the time that will help you learn more about the culture. And maybe the issue that you are interested in. Okay, so ideally: flowers for the woman, something sweet for the table, and some alcohol. You can never go wrong with this. If for some reason if you come without anything, if you got in traffic, or you were not able, just find an excuse, say ‘oh, I’m so sorry I came empty-handed. ’You know what, if you bring alcohol to somebody’s home you will be drinking the alcohol at that home too. So, drinking is very common in Ukraine and it’s just part of life, so you just drink and then tomorrow you just continue going on with life and come to work as normal. So it’s no skipping work if you drink heavily. And this is actually how they test you sometimes, you know. I don’t know if it’s the same now, but that’s how they test the foreigners, like how much can you drink? And so, unless you’re not drinking at all, I recommend drinking. I recommend drinking, just having things under control.

A Ukrainian national talks social visits in Ukraine.