Society in Guyana

Video Transcript

Cricket is the number one sport for the Caribbean. And the reason I say that is because, we are, the Caribbean, which is the West  Indies cricket [teams] are ranked in the world. Even though the world sport is football, which you guys call soccer. But we're not  that good in it. Brazil is, as you know. But cricket is our sport, our number one sport. We have, great players come from the  Caribbean, or the West Indies that play cricket. That is world renowned.

Depending on your involvement within the  community, you do celebrate the other holidays of the other ethnic groups. And vice versa. I grew up as a Christian, so I would  celebrate all the Christian holidays. But I had neighbors who were Muslim, and who were Hindus. And I participate in the Phagwah, one of the Hindus' holiday[s]. So we try to participate in each other's holidays.

In this video, a native Guyanese explains the society's diverse make-up.