Standard of Living in Burkina Faso

Video Transcript

“Today, Burkina Faso with the advent of Facebook, Internet, and Twitter, you cannot repress or prevent the youth, the youngsters from having access to information like you would do 10 years ago, 20 years ago when there was only written newspapers, and maybe one or two newspapers in the country. Now you have over two dozen newspapers that are daily newspapers. And a lot of people, mainly among the youngsters, have access to Internet; have Facebook [accounts], email [accounts], some even have Twitter [accounts], and send SMS like crazy. SMS is instant messaging. In Burkina Faso unemployment is at 29% and the main employer is the government. Private companies are now trying to pick up steam, but they do not intervene in many sectors of economic life. So the main employer is the government, and the government, as we all know, [has] limited resources. So the unemployment rate among the [youngsters] is about 30, 29%. One or more, which is pretty high for a country of 17 [million] people. 13 million of which live in the neighboring Ivory Coast, and also closer to one million are seasonal migrant workers to the Ivory Coast.”

In this video, a Burkinabè expert discusses the standard of living in Burkina Faso.