Time in Oman

Video Transcript

“Typically speaking, the Western concept of time doesn’t really translate real well in the Arab World. And again, some places are better at that than others, and I would say the Omanis are better at that than lots of other places. So if you have an appointment with an Omani representative to do business, or have a meeting, or whatever. They’re generally on time, within [an] acceptable time period. They will again break for the scheduled prayer time. So you just expect that, that happens. But it’s not that they go to prayer and then don’t come back to work. For the noon prayers, a lot of places you go, that’s really the end of the work day is after the noon prayers. Because they’re all gone home and the workday is pretty much done by one o’clock. That was not my experience with the Omani military that I was dealing with.”

In this video, a retired Army lieutenant colonel discusses time and scheduling in Oman.