Tipping and Corruption

Video Transcript

“If there is no corruption, there is no tip. I mean, tip you pay for better service, not for to do your job. But when you pay somebody to do his job which he’s already paid for that, this means corruption. For lower level and for the upper level. And I believe there is the corruption from the upper level so it’s going down, down, down, and everybody ask for tips to do the job he’s supposed to do. So that’s why I call it corruption.

"Sometimes other people who doesn’t have money or doesn’t have power or somebody inside wherever you wanna get your business, they can’t get what they want. And there’s supposed to be fairness, what they want, it’s their, it’s something [that belongs] to them, they’re supposed to get it. For example, if they want to get the ID, it’s something they’re supposed to get without paying anything. So when we differentiate people by who is rich and who is poor, who is having money and who [isn’t] having money, to do at least something that it’s supposed to be free, not actually free because they already paid for that. So to pay twice, it’s kind of corruption and unfairness.”

In this video, a native Sudanese discusses corruption in the Horn of Africa.