Tourism in Aruba

Video Transcript

Aruba is like, if you go to South Beach [Miami], you've been to Aruba. So they have everything there. It's a big tourist place. And [it's a] small island, but it's a big tourist place. So, like I said, if you go to South Beach, you've been to Aruba. They have five star hotels all through there. High-rise hotels and then smaller hotels. And then a little, small downtown area with anything you want for shopping. The cruise liners come in there and they'll spend a day there and then go out that evening. So they normally pull in in the morning and they're back out in the evening. Normally you'll see one or two of the five cruise ships docked there, ported there. So yeah, it's a big tourist place and everything we have here [in the U.S.], they have there.

In this video a retired Army Sergeant describes tourism in Aruba.