Tourism in St. Lucia

Video Transcript

I got a chance to meet a lot of people that weren't from St. Lucia, a lot of Europeans. But my overall impression is it's a beautiful place to see, but you can see everything in about an hour. An hour, you see it all. But the people are very nice. I think they're a little too nice. And I guess that you realize that tourism runs the trade there. I was just really shocked that everything was geared towards hospitality.<br><br>[You have] a lot of Canadians, French there, a lot of British, [and] Germans. I guess they come with family versus... It's not really a big single person island. It's more of a family-oriented place. Everywhere you go in St. Lucia is island, it's island fare. People are doing island things.

In this video, a retired Air Force master sergeant elaborates on tourism.