Transportation in Jamaica

Video Transcript

It's easy to get around the island. Some people have cars, some people have chartered taxis, some people have charters vans or buses. A lot of people, my family when I was growing up, we didn't have a car. So we would take a taxi to the market. If I was going to Kingston, from St. Thomas to Kingston it would take about an hour and a half. So I would catch the bus to Kingston. Now that I go back I would rent a car and I would drive from Kingston to St. Thomas. It would take me about an hour and a half, almost two hours.<br><br>I would suggest that people try to do their research before they go to Jamaica. Because some people, like everywhere, you have the good and the bad. If I'm going to check out a taxi company, I'll do my research with the hotel that I'm staying [at to] try and find out the best company to use. Or if I'm going to charter a particular company for the van services, I would check with the hotel and see who they recommend. Don't just pick up anyone off the street, because like I said, you have the good and the bad just like here [in the United States], people trying to make a quick dollar. So, just do your research.

In this video, an Army master sergeant and native Jamaican explains the many modes of transportation on the island.