Travel in Barbados

Video Transcript

Driving on the other side of the road is one of the things you gotta get used to if you're gonna get a rent-a-car. You sit in your car, you're on the right-hand side and then you gotta drive. That was challenging and fun to do.

If I had to describe the geography and plants, one thing about Barbados that I think they've done more than most of the islands, they've made their highways and their mode of travel around a little more easier and they focused on making sure they had good roads. They don't have shrubbery along the roads. They've taken time to make sure the potholes are gone. They [have] good street signs. Because if you wanna drive somewhere in a foreign country, they give you this map, and they tell you to make a right turn on St. John's Way, you wanna be able to see the sign [for] St. John's Way, right? You have that in Barbados.

In this video, a retired Air Force master sergeant talks about road travel.