Using Local Interpreters in Ukraine

Video Transcript

So there's a danger in relying upon Russian...people who have studied Russian as translators, unless they've got particular experience or knowledge of Ukraine. Experience with or knowledge of Ukraine, because there is a Russian perspective that you can bring to Ukraine, to looking at Ukraine. But it's not a healthy perspective if you're trying to work on relationship building with Ukrainians. I think there's a little bit of unease if, for instance, if you have an interpreter who's who is a native Russian speaker. There will be some initial unease because I think the Ukrainian side will perceive that they're bringing their Russian perspective with them. And so I think you will find that they'll be more careful in communicating with you, that they will choose their words more carefully. They'll probably be a little more formal just because they're going to assume, rightly or wrongly, that that person is bringing a Russian perspective with them.

A service member discusses challenges with sourcing local interpreters in Ukraine.