The purpose of this course is to provide cultural awareness and language training using gaming technologies along with other innovative methods. It is a customized, web-based course on Joint Knowledge Online.
Video Transcript

[Caption: Cultural differences can be challenging.]

VCATs are your passport.

[Narrator] The Defense Language and National Security Education Office, and United States Central Command, in partnership with Joint Knowledge Online, introduced a series of Virtual Cultural Awareness trainers for USCENTCOM area of responsibility. Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainers, also known as VCATs, teach essential culture knowledge.

[VCAT avatar] You've already made the most important step just by being interested and asking questions about the culture--

[Narrator] --as well as mission specific language skills, to prepare individuals for successful interactions across a diverse cultural spectrum. This series of VCATs model face-to-face interactions and allow trainees to learn, then practice, culture and language skills using interactive scenarios covering several mission areas, including training with host nation military, leader engagements and humanitarian assistance.

[VCAT avatar] Let's work with what we know.

[Narrator] Learners select a country and mission to create a customized course of instruction that includes the relevant language content. VCATs use game based technology, storytelling, intelligent tutoring, adaptive feedback, and after-action reviews to provide high-quality self-paced learning.

[VCAT avatar] Knowing about these different facts--

[Narrator] A virtual coach guides learners through the VCAT, providing encouragement and feedback to enhance the learning experience.

[VCAT avatar] That's exactly right.

[Narrator] Real-time remediation helps users learn from their mistakes and enables them to review the relevant material before retesting.

[VCAT interview] If you go and have a very firm handshake, they think that you have some kind of ill will toward--

[Narrator] On-camera interviews provide personal insights about in-country experiences. They provide an informed perspective to help learners understand the operational environment. VCATs provide learners with the opportunity to practice keywords and phrases in the target languages using record and playback technology.

[VCAT recording] keyf Haalik? keyf Haalik?

[Narrator] VCAT mobile courses will soon be available for use on mobile devices, providing anytime, anywhere access. The Defense Language and National Security Education Office and the United States Central Command are delivering VCATs to help individuals develop operational cultural knowledge and language skills that are critical to readiness. Partnering with JKO to leverage the DoD preferred web-based training capability ensures 24-7 globally accessible training for Department of Defense military and civilian personnel deploying to these regions.