Visiting Different Regions of Ukraine

Video Transcript

Well, one thing is, I mean, get out into the towns, the villages. Talk to people if you can. There's a lot of places to hike, [a] lot of places to walk around. It really depends where you're at; Ukraine is a very large country. If you're in the Carpathians, hiking, camping, skiing, all of that is very common. If you're in Kyiv, obviously there's just all the stuff you'd find in a large city: very nice restaurants of different types, sights to see. You could spend a couple days [and] take a river cruise. There are things you can do; it really depends where you're at. Odesa obviously has some great history: the Potemkin Steps, the theater there, the ports, beaches.... So it really depends where you're at. It is a very large country and it's a very diverse country. So you have the mountains in the west, you have kind of the industrial center in the east, and then Kyiv is a pretty cosmopolitan city.

A retired military service member talks about geographic regions and places to visit.