What to Bring Abroad

Video Transcript

The things that I was glad I brought were the sentimental things. I'm glad that I brought pictures of my friends and family. One of the more interesting photos that I remember people at my school were really intrigued by was a picture of the freeway. (laughs) I was driving in California. I thought it was a cool shot because I took a photo when we were about to go into the tunnel. I don't know if you've been in San Francisco much, but the tunnel where you're about to go on the Bay Bridge. Really cool tunnel. Nope. They were astounded by the size of the freeway. Of like a five-lane freeway. I didn't think that that would be the particularly interesting point. But yeah, I thought pictures were really good for me. And I personally really like spicy foods, and the majority of Ukrainian food is not spicy, so I was happy that I brought a variety of hot sauces. (laughs) As for gifts, I think it's great to bring something that represents you, or your area, or something like that. Even if it's something kind of silly, like a keychain or something. I think people appreciate the thought of it. And then I think, for gifts and stuff, I liked bringing thingsā€“I'm originally from California, so I brought some Ghirardelli chocolates or something, since those are from California. So, things like that, I think, were good and appreciated.

A Peace Corps member discusses personal items to bring with you abroad.