Women in Libya

Video Transcript

Be a woman, in the meaning, be a little vulnerable. Because culturally, everywhere actually, not only in Libya. Actually a woman can find protection more than a guy, especially if she's not in military look, because that will raise another flag completely. But just asking for help or for assistance or anything, she actually, probably [will] find a lot of help because of the nature of the culture; men will protect a woman. But, not over-trust, because they can take advantage, too. She can be a subject of kidnap and rape and all kinds of stuff. So, still, be careful; know who are you dealing with, have enough information [about] where you are going, who you're gonna contact. As long as you are [respectful], I don't think you'd be... And then again, be aware of the places you go. Don't wander too much into [the] suburb area. I don't, even as a Tunisian.

In this video, a Tunisian national discusses how to stay safe as a woman in Libya.