Women's Status in Ukraine

Video Transcript

In Ukraine, the women want to be considered equal in their understanding, but they will also want the recognition that they are women. So they want extra care regardless. So, I don’t even know… It’s not that straightforward, but they want some attention. It doesn’t have to be… they want to be different. Even in the workspace, you just want to feel that you are a woman. You don’t have… and it’s hard to explain, but for instance I had a group of people, like eight people and one guy, and somebody, a woman would buy a new suit, and he didn’t say anything. She would say, like “You are not noticing my new suit?” So you, it’s just expected that somebody will say a compliment, that’s the nature. So that’s what women expect. But I f you’re invited to a party, and if there is a woman there, they toast to different things, but the third toast–third–is to women. That’s… even if there is a single woman, you are supposed to say something nice about women. And something nice would be like, ‘women make this world run,’ you know, just something like, ‘oh, we are so grateful that we have you in our team.’

A Ukrainian national talks about the status of women in Ukraine.