Cross-Cultural Competence Trainer

The purpose of this course is to provide the understanding of both one's own and other cultures. Interaction with local populations and other cultural factors are not only critical elements in persistent conflict but contribute to the success and-or failure of stability, peacekeeping, humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations. It is imperative that we build a Total Force which is globally aware and adept at interacting with people from a variety of cultures while operating within joint, interagency, coalition and multinational contexts. Cross-Cultural Competence (3C) is emerging as an important and practicable means for enhancing the ability of units and individuals to perform successfully over the full spectrum of operations. Understanding cultural differences will contribute to mission success - just as failing to grasp cultural variations will contribute to mission failure. This course provides 3C training that is based around the mission areas of Humanitarian Assistance, Key Leader Engagement, Study Abroad, Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) - Planning Medical Missions and Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW) - Initial Meetings.