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Mood Meter App Helps Users Recognize, Understand, Label, and Regulate Emotions

Recently, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence gave a briefing to the DoD and we would like to highlight their new mobile application. The Mood Meter was developed by Marc Brackett, Ph.D., who serves as the Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. The Mood Meter app is based on RULER, an evidence-based approach to teaching social and emotional learning. The research on RULER focuses on the measurement of emotional intelligence, the role of emotional intelligence in learning, decision making, relationship quality, and mental health, and demonstrating the positive effects of emotional intelligence training.

The Mood Meter app develops emotional intelligence over time. Learning to identify and label emotions is a critical step toward cultivating emotional intelligence. Using the Mood Meter can help you become more mindful of how your emotions change throughout the day and how your emotions in turn affect your actions.  Using the Mood Meter can help you to develop self-awareness and self-regulation, it’s important to understand the full scope of your emotional life. This ties in to cultural readiness, as self-awareness is a key tool to navigating other cultures.

Click here to learn more and the download the app. 


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