South Korea's Robot Science Museum

A cityscape of Seoul, South Korea, at dawn with mountains in the background

Seoul, South Korea, is known as a tech-savvy city where residents embrace robots in their everyday life. This makes Seoul the perfect location for the first Robot Science Museum scheduled to open in early 2022.

South Korea has the highest industrial robot density worldwide and is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most innovative economies by the Bloomberg Innovation Index. South Korean companies have embraced artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic solutions in research, development, and manufacturing.

The Robot Science Museum’s construction, which will be partially completed by robots, will be the museum's first exhibit. These building techniques will reflect the museum’s mission of increasing public education and interest in robotics.

The Seoul metropolitan government hosted an international competition for architecture firms to submit their designs for the museum. The winning firm, Melike Altınışık Architects (MAA), based in Turkey, will employ autonomous construction practices that reflect the museum’s subject matter. 

Architect and MAA founder, Melike Altınışık explains that the museum will not only exhibit robots, but that robots will be integral in the design, manufacturing, and construction of the site.

Robots will mold, weld, assemble, and polish sections of the museum’s main structure. 3D-printing techniques will create the concrete landscape surrounding the museum. Drones will partake in the building process by mapping the construction site, completing site inspections, and directing robotic construction vehicles.

The Robot Science Museum is not the first construction project that has employed robots. A conference center in Shanghai, China, was completed in 100 days using partial robotic design and construction. Robots 3D-printed, both, structural features and furniture in the conference center café.

The new museum will provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the most recent developments in AI, virtual and augmented reality, hologram technology, and robotics. The museum also plans to offer training courses covering the latest advancements in the robotics field.

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