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Regional Expertise

Measuring and Reporting Leadership and Core Competency Domains

This interim report summarizes the results of an independent assessment of Department of Defense (DoD) personnel systems and databases, focused on the identification and differentiation of what personnel data exist, where, and at what organizational level, as well as what is done with those data.

Regional Expertise and Cultural Proficiency

This report describes the development of an operational tool for planners that enables them to identify REC capability requirements during the planning process.

The Infusion of Language, Regional, and Cultural Content into Military Education

This report documents the Institute of Defense Analyses' examination of the infusion of language, regional, and cultural (LRC) content into Professional Military Education (PME) across the Services, from pre-commissioning through the General Officer/Flag Officer (GO/FO) level.

Observing Rosh Hashanah

Learn more about the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.

How does a giant panda get its name?

With the arrival of a new giant panda cub to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., many people are now wondering: what will its name be?

A New Year in the Islamic Calendar

Learn more about the Islamic calendar and new year.

Telling the story of COVID-19 through African wax prints

In Ghana, African wax print fabric is telling the story of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about the way fabric plays a role in culture across the continent.

Learning through Myths and Legends

Myths and legends can offer insight into a culture’s values and beliefs, their perspective on the world and the things that matter most to them. Watch these videos of three different myths and legends.

Unique Features of Japanese Homes

Learn about some unique features of homes in Japan.

Bring the world into your kitchen: Desserts to try your hand at

Taste the world by trying out these desserts from different cultures.