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Regional Expertise

Korean Restaurants

In this video, a service member describes the typical food served at a Korean restaurant.

Being Korean-American in Korea

A Korean-American civilian discusses being of Korean descent while living and working in South Korea.

Deploying to South Korea with Family

A service member describes deploying with a family to South Korea.

Punctuality in Korea

A civilian discusses the importance of being punctual in Korea.

Food in Korea

A civilian discusses the food in Korea.

Driving in Korea

In this video, a service member discusses how driving in South Korea is not for the faint of heart.

US Culture's Influence in Korea

An American of Korean descent discusses the influence of American culture on South Korea.

Thanksgiving the Canadian Way

The U.S. isn't the only country that celebrates Thanksgiving. Learn more about how it's observed in Canada.

World Factbook Travel Facts

The CIA's World Factbook Travel Facts offer fact sheets with information on over 150 countries.

Travel Prepared with the CIA's World Factbook Travel Facts

Traveling? Don't forget to consult the CIA's new World Factbook Travel Facts, with important information for other countries on vaccinations, visa requirements, electricity and plug types, potable water, and more.