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Want to keep cultural traditions alive? There’s an app for that!

Feng Lim, co-founder and chief executive officer of CultureGuru, recently announced the creation of an app which helps track Asian holidays and cultural events. He says the inspiration for the app came from the team’s own problems keeping up with cultural celebrations. “There are so many festivities on the Lunar calendar, and for the younger generation (Gen-Y and Gen-Z) like me and my team, it’s difficult to remember so many dates. There is the Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Winter Solstice, different gods’ birthdays … can anyone really remember them all?"

CultureGuru was founded in July 2015, after the six-person team spent two months to build and validate the app, according to Lim. The app is currently only available for the Android platform. Currently, CultureGuru has a physical presence in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Johor Baru (JB).

For now, the app is rather focused on Chinese cultural traditions and the Malaysian market, but Lim isn’t going to stop there. He hopes to expand CultureGuru to Singapore by next July, and then to Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Lim says that he and his team will be in touch with experts to include other cultures such as Hindu, Japanese or Korean.
“Culture is something that everybody should work hard to preserve … . We should all go back to our cultural roots, and the more we learn about our own culture, the more we come to appreciate it,” he says.

To learn more about CultureGuru, click here to read the article.

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