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Alumni Share: Experiences in the Environmental Sector with Bill Schaedla

In this episode we will discuss the field of environmental justice and trade. Dr. Bill Schaedla will discuss his experiences working in the federal and nonprofit sectors alongside academia. Bill was a former Boren Fellow to Thailand and was also formerly a Peace Corps volunteer and Fulbright Scholar.

Alumni Share: Life as a Foreign Service Officer with Bryan Furman

In this episode, we will discuss what it’s like to be a Foreign Service Officer. We will discuss the thought process of someone who may be considering, technical steps to pursue this path, and the realities of the work. Mr.

Alumni Share: Running for Office with Charisse Davis

In this episode, we will discuss the experiences of Ms. Charisse Davis, a Board of Education member, in her pursuit to public service. Charisse discusses her experience taking the plunge into local politics and the importance of public service and civic engagement.

Alumni Share: Adapting to your Environments with Jenna Lindake Heavenrich

In this episode, we will discuss the topic of belonging and reverse culture shock when trying to adapt to a changing environment. Ms. Jenna Lindake Heavenrich, a Boren Scholar to Japan and Shansi Fellow to India, will discuss experiences and perspectives adapting to different roles and lifestyles whilst abroad.

Alumni Share: Travel the Gateway to Innovation with Paul Domjan

In this episode, we will discuss the intersections of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Travel with Mr. Paul Domjan, a former Boren Scholar to Hungary. Paul is an independent strategy and growth consultant and he recently published a book: Chain Reaction-How Blockchain Will Transform the Developing World.

Alumni Share: International Conflict-Resolution with Valery Perry

In this episode, Dr. Valery Perry discusses her experience working in the Western Balkans in Conflict-Resolution Her focus is on postwar political dynamics, good governance and social reconstruction.

Alumni Share: Leveraging your Boren experience with Joshua Rand-Castillo

In this episode Mr. Joshua-Rand Castillo a former Boren scholar to China will discuss his experience transitioning from Active Duty Military to the field of International Development.

Alumni Share: Understanding Unconscious Bias with Anu Gupta

In this episode, we will hear from Mr. Anu Gupta, the Founder & CEO of “Be More America.” Anu is a sought-after expert in breaking bias, adult learning and psychosocial well-being. We will discuss topics around racial and gender bias and how to better understand unconscious bias in order to be a bridge builder.

Security Clearance: Myth & Fact

In this episode, NSEP will unpack some frequently asked questions about Security Clearances.