Japanese Idioms and Expressions

Colleen Brown

Many elements of Japanese culture are prevalent in American life. People are familiar with Japanese food, entertainment, and technology but may not know the idioms and expressions commonly used in Japan.

Sashiko: A Sewing Technique

Kate Rustad

As we look towards creating a more sustainable, environmentally friendly future, industries like fast fashion prove to be large obstacles along the way. Fast fashion is the mass production of quickly and cheaply made clothing. Most clothing waste goes into landfills or is incinerated, and because much of the fabric is made with synthetic fibers, it does not break down on its own. One way to combat this needless pollution is mending old clothing instead of tossing or donating it after seeing a hole or a tear.

Christmas and New Year's Traditions in Japan

Colleen Brown
Although Japan is not a primarily Christian country, people take part in many traditional Christmas activities like visiting holiday markets, admiring light displays, and decorating Christmas trees. Some traditions, however, are uniquely Japanese.

Must Know Japanese Slang Phrases

Colleen Brown
The wide array of subcultures in Japan helped create an ever-evolving slang you might hear while visiting the country. However, because Japanese culture centers around politeness, it's important to know your audience when using slang in conversation.