Measuring and Reporting Leadership and Core Competency Domains

This interim report summarizes the results of an independent assessment of Department of Defense (DoD) personnel systems and databases, focused on the identification and differentiation of what personnel data exist, where, and at what organizational level, as well as what is done with those data.

Japanese Idioms and Expressions

Colleen Brown

Many elements of Japanese culture are prevalent in American life. People are familiar with Japanese food, entertainment, and technology but may not know the idioms and expressions commonly used in Japan.

South Korean Television and Movies

Colleen Brown

Watching movies and television from a specific country provides viewers with a window into the nation’s culture. South Korean entertainment continues to gain popularity with titles like “Parasite” and “Squid Games” teaching Americans about Korean daily life.

Unique Sports in Indonesia

Colleen Brown

The Olympics provide an opportunity for viewers to learn about new sports around the world. In Indonesia, however, there are even more unique sporting events that people across the globe may not get the opportunity to experience.

Senegal's Orchestra Baobab

Colleen Brown

Formed over 50 years ago in a Dakar, Senegal nightclub, Orchestra Baobab continues to be one of the country’s most popular bands. Club Baobab provided Senegal’s Orchestra Baobab with their namesake, but when the popular spot closed its doors in 1979, the musical group continued to thrive.

Poland - The Many Flavors of Pierogi

Colleen Brown

Pierogi, the national food of Poland, are semi-circle-shaped dumplings made with unleavened dough. Traditionally, pierogi were considered “peasant food” in Poland, but over the centuries their popularity increased across all classes.

Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

Colleen Brown
The annual Carnival celebration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the largest festival in the world. Every year, five million people gather in Rio for a week-long party, with two million revelers in the streets each day.