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A large group of runners begin a race in a desert landscape

Morocco's Marathon des Sables

Totaling more than 156 miles, Morocco’s Marathon des Sables is often called “the toughest footrace on earth.” The ultramarathon takes place over seven days under the harsh conditions of the Sahara…
A man in a white coat and black gloves plays a horn instrument made out of ice

The Warm Sound of Ice Music

Musical instruments have been made with dried animal intestines, stalactites, and even vegetables.
A couple links arms in front of a background of green trees

12 Ways to Celebrate Love in South Korea

Like in the United States, South Koreans celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. But one romance-centric holiday wasn’t enough. South Koreans, especially the younger generations, mark the 14th of…
Six people wearing white clothing practice capoeria on a beach

Martial Art Form or Dance? —The History of Capoeira

Developed by African slaves in Brazil in the 16th century, capoeira is a martial art that brings together elements of dance, music, and acrobatics. Slaves were prohibited from practicing martial arts…
A brightly color mandala shape is on the ground created with pink, yellow, and green powders

8 Hindu Festivals

One of the largest religions in the world, Hinduism is associated with many gods and goddesses who personify different aspects of Brahma—which Hindus believe is the one supreme cosmic power. The…
A woman is wearing a multicolored traditional kimono and holding a red fan

The Kimono: From Everyday Garment to Art Form

Worn for formal celebrations such as weddings, funerals, and tea ceremonies, the kimono has a history that dates back to the 8th century and was once an everyday piece of clothing.
A man wearing a dark hat and jacket stands in a forest of trees

Waldeinsamkeit: Germany’s Forest Therapy

The German language is full of words without a direct English translation, and “waldeinsamkeit” is no exception. On the surface, “waldeinsamkeit” is a compound word with “wald” meaning “forest” and “…
A cityscape of Amman, Jordan with a blue sky and Jordanian flag above the city

Five Films to Watch if You're Moving to Jordan

Indiana Jones and Transformers are just two of several Hollywood movies filmed in Jordan. But the Middle Eastern nation has produced many notable films that can help you learn about Jordanian history…
Two teenage boys and two teenage girls are wearing casual clothes and looking at their cell phones together

How to Speak Like a Local: Polish Slang

In most languages, slang terms arise organically. Unique social and political situations lead locals to reassign new meanings to existing words. Slang in Poland is no exception.

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