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Cross-Cultural Competence (3C)

Planning Missions with South Koreans

In this video, a service member describes the nature of planning missions with South Koreans.

Being Korean-American in Korea

A Korean-American civilian discusses being of Korean descent while living and working in South Korea.

ngaging with Counterparts at Social Gatherings in Korea

A subject matter expert discusses engaging with counterparts at social gatherings.

Handling Unexpected Situations in Korea

A service member describes how to present yourself professionally in unexpected situations.

Deploying to South Korea with Family

A service member describes deploying with a family to South Korea.

Professional Negotiations in Korea

A service member discusses professional negotiations with Korean counterparts.

After Action Reviews in Korea

A service member discusses formal and informal after action reviews.

Punctuality in Korea

A civilian discusses the importance of being punctual in Korea.

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U.S. and Brazilian Medical Team Completes Amazon Humanitarian Mission

Six U.S. military medical professionals completed a 26-day Brazil Riverine humanitarian medical mission.