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Cross-Cultural Training

Language Training Center (LTC)

The Language Training Center (LTC) Program provides language and culture training for Department of Defense (DoD) personnel by leveraging existing university programs to meet the needs of DoD organizations and units.

Culture and Language Training in the Hospitality Industry

Employee retention and skills gaps remain some of the top concerns for talent development professionals. This challenge is felt most strongly in industries where retention is consistently low, such as hospitality. The challenges grow when your workforce is multicultural and lacking in essential skills, such as fluency in English and business communications.

Scholarship Programs

There are many ways to advance your language and cultural knowledge through scholarship programs and government sponsored trainings. Find out more about different programs which you may qualify for.


There are many opportunities to learn about other cultures as a volunteer. Volunteering might even lead to an opportunity for a rewarding career working with other cultures.

Double Edge Gift - Cultural Faux Pas

This video outlines how cultural faux pas may occur during cross cultural engagements.

Cross Cultural Competence Trainer

The Cross Cultural Competence Trainer 2.0 is an immersive training experience designed to boost knowledge of universal culture concepts as well as prepare users to engage effectively across cultures.

Culture Matters: Languages

This video emphasizes that no matter how much training and experience you have, there is always more to learn when it comes to mastering a culture. This is a part of the Culture Matters video series.

Culture Matters: Get in the Pool

You can learn a lot without ever getting into another culture, but you will never really know it until you're in it. This is a part of the Culture Matters video series.

Culture Matters: Montage

This video offers a montage of Army training clips, including culture training. This is a part of the Culture Matters video series.

CultureReady Basics

CultureReady Basics is a web-based culture training tool developed to provide culture learning in a variety of global regions and languages. It is the perfect balance of culture and language training providing the knowledge and skills required for successful interactions.