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Cross-Cultural Training

The Mistake Most Managers Make with Cross Cultural Training

Mark is an HR director looking to improve his company’s cross-cultural skills, especially in Germany where his company is doing an increasing amount of business. After considerable research, Mark hires a firm to deliver a training solution that seems like just what the doctor ordered. It’s a tool that enables employees to discover their “cultural profile” and then compare that profile to those from a range of other cultures.

Preview of the Cross Cultural Trainer

Check out this video about the Cross Cultural Competence Trainer, a tool that DLNSEO and JKO are developing to meet the needs of a continuously expanding force with missions and activities that interact across all cultures.

Lowes Sends Staff to Cultural Iso-Immersion Program

Lowe’s hardware stores has turned to Concordia College's Language Villages for cultural training in an iso-immersion program. Concordia tailored a cultural immersion training program specific to Lowe's Spanish language needs.

Can Video Games Help to Prevent Culture Shock in War?

Alelo is looking at ways to use gaming technologies to prepare military members for other cultures and actually prevent culture shock.

What is the Army Culture Center?

The Army Training and Doctrine Command Culture Center (TCC) provides relevant and accredited cultural competency training and education to Army Soldiers and DA Civilians in order to build and sustain an Army with the right blend of cultural competency capabilities to facilitate a wide range of operations, now and in the future.

Cultural Immersions

The Department of Defense provides immersive programs to ensure military forces and civilian employees are ready to work within and alongside other cultures.  

Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) Program

For Army ROTC Cadets, the world is their classroom. Every year hundreds of Cadets travel the globe, spending up to three weeks immersed in foreign cultures, learning more about how other others around the world view the U.S. and, in the process, learning more about themselves.

Special Forces Language Training: What Would It Cost To Do It Right?

What would be the true cost of Special Forces language training, and where does cultural competency training factor in?

The Role of Cultural Understanding and Language Training in Unconventional Warfare

This thesis analyzes the influence of language training and cultural understanding on the overall success of counterinsurgency campaigns.

Improving Cultural Education of Special Operations Forces

This report discusses the need for an improved SOF language training and education program consisting of improved initial language and culture training, advanced regional studies and in-country immersion.