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Are you a heritage speaker of a language other than English? Would you like to work in the U.S. federal government?

Native speakers of critical languages are in high demand in the U.S. government. The English for Heritage Language Speakers program is a recruiting and training pipeline for specialized talent in the U.S.

DoD Instruction 5160.70: Management of the Defense Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (LREC) Program

DoDI 5160.70 establishes policies, assigns responsibilities, and provides procedures for managing the Defense LREC Program, adds regional expertise and culture as mission critical competencies of the Defense LREC Program, and establishes initial culture learning guidelines.

Language extinction, and what that means for culture

What happens to culture when a language dies? Today we look at language extinction, and what that means for the loss of cultural knowledge and identity.


DLIFLC's Headstart2 includes 80 to 100 hours of instruction, interactive tasks, language-specific pronunciation guides, cultural familiarization and orientation modules.

Don't call it a sandwich au fromage fondant - grilled cheese will do

Read this article from the BBC to find out what terms have been retired in favor of their English-language versions.

Exchanging Medical Information and Experiencing Culture in Honduras

For one U.S. Navy lieutenant, Southern Partnership Station 17 (SPS 17) is more than just a chance to exchange information. It is a way of connecting with her heritage, and a way to change the lives of people like her.

BBC News Launches Pidgin Service

The BBC has launched a section of its news site in Pidgin, a language widely spoken across West Africa.

Learning Basic Arabic Phrases in the Arabian Peninsula

In this video, a retired Army major discusses the importance of learning the local language and explains a few key Arabic phrases.

English in Saudi Arabia

In this video, an Army major discusses speaking English in Saudi Arabia.

Gestures and Speaking in Saudi Arabia

In this video, a Saudi Arabia expert discusses hand gestures and tone of voice in Saudi conversations.