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Cross-Cultural Communication

Using Food to Bridge Cultural Divides

Cities around the United States use food, through events such as food festivals, as a way to connect the diverse threads of their communities, and to introduce people to cultures they may not know much about.

The Podcast Exploring Southern Food Through Immigrant Stories

Many of the stories told in the Gravy podcast are the stories you don’t expect to hear out of a show focused on southern foodways: immigrant stories, and the food that they’ve brought to the South.

Exchanging Medical Information and Experiencing Culture in Honduras

For one U.S. Navy lieutenant, Southern Partnership Station 17 (SPS 17) is more than just a chance to exchange information. It is a way of connecting with her heritage, and a way to change the lives of people like her.

Greetings and Gestures in Bahrain

In this video, an Arabian Peninsula expert discusses greetings and gestures common to the Arabian Peninsula.

Learning Basic Arabic Phrases in the Arabian Peninsula

In this video, a retired Army major discusses the importance of learning the local language and explains a few key Arabic phrases.

English in Saudi Arabia

In this video, an Army major discusses speaking English in Saudi Arabia.

Gestures and Speaking in Saudi Arabia

In this video, a Saudi Arabia expert discusses hand gestures and tone of voice in Saudi conversations.

Bengali Phrases in Bangladesh

A service member discusses basic phrases in Bengali.

Learning the Local Language in Bangladesh

A service member discusses the importance of learning the local language.

Conversation Topics in Algeria

In this video, an Algerian national discusses appropriate and inappropriate conversational topics in Algeria.