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Cross-Cultural Communication

Creating Maps for a Crisis

We look at the importance of having accurate maps during global health and humanitarian crises, and what organizations such as Missing Maps are doing in order to create these with the help of local communities and volunteers.

No-nonsense Soldiers Train Nigerian Infantry

U.S. Army and Nigerian soldiers recently trained together in the northern Nigerian, building rapport and honing skills necessary in the Nigerian Army's fight against Boko Haram.

International friendships formed through celebrating Girl Scouts’ birthday

Girl Scouts from Yamaguchi Prefecture celebrated the 106th birthday of their organization by learning arts and crafts and playing games from different cultures at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan.

Language extinction, and what that means for culture

What happens to culture when a language dies? Today we look at language extinction, and what that means for the loss of cultural knowledge and identity.

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers at the Olympic Games

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are well underway, and the games have brought us not only the best from athletes around the world, but a chance to peek into South Korean culture, and to also see some of the cross-cultural connections that the athletes make between each other.

Military Service and Cultural Exchange in Singapore

In the following article, Max West and other Singaporean National Service (NS) members discuss their experiences enlisting in the military, only to find that their lack of language skills (i.e. an inability to speak "Singlish" or Singaporean-English) gave them a tougher path to follow in connecting with their fellow service members. Read below to find out how they pushed through both the military and cultural training.

Good Neighbor Program connects future leaders and mentors

Officers assigned to the 25th Transportation Battalion, Materiel Support Command Korea, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, participated in a Good Neighbor Program event with local university students and staff Nov. 21.

Misawa Airmen bring holiday cheer to Hirosaki orphanage

The 35th Operations Group coordinates annually with the orphanage to provide food, games, presents and holiday cheer to the children.

Yes, No, or Maybe? Communicating Across Cultures

In this piece from Business Insider, Mark Abadi discusses how he learned that different cultures have different communication styles, and what it took for him to understand what his peers and supervisors really meant when they said "maybe."

International Students and Thanksgiving: A Chance to Connect

For international students at US colleges, Thanksgiving can feel lonely as the campus empties out and most other students go home for the holiday. A number of campuses and communities, however, have begun keeping their doors open to students far from home, both domestic and international, and providing activities and a Thanksgiving feast for those who remain on campus. Today, we’ll highlight some of the gatherings happening this week across the country.